Each Archer who uses the fields is responsible for his own actions, and as such is responsible for all infringements of the rules of the regulation itself;
the use of crossbows, hunting points / blades and historical bolts is prohibited.
Anyone who uses them in derogation of the regulation, will be charged the cost of the affected shapes and the removal from the structure;
The arrows must be marked, recognizable and traceable to the Archer / owner;
Shooting must be made from the stake to the target and not from other positions:
Yellow picket: Adults
blue picket: Scout (14 up to 17 years)
Red picket: Puppies (up to 13 years)
It is forbidden for adults to shoot on the Blue and Red pegs in pitches with uphill pitches for safety reasons
On the pitches it is forbidden to “unload” the quiver … we have the driving range for this!
It is forbidden to nock arrows if there are people or living beings on the firing line;
The recovery of the arrows must take place together with the whole group respecting the indications of the shooting stand; When you draw the arrows, hold the target firmly in place.
Transit towards the shooting stands must strictly follow the path indicated on the pitch tables and in no case must you leave the marked paths or cross paths forbidden by prohibition signs;
Novices can attend archery courses only accompanied by an experienced Archer, and for as long as the Management decides.
Minor archers must be accompanied by the parent or by the person exercising parental authority;
The 3D silhouettes cannot be “ridden” by children and adolescents
Any damage found must be promptly communicated to the Management;
Fires must absolutely not be lit inside the fields or cut trees or bushes or any other type of vegetation;
It is forbidden to throw waste and cigarette butts that can be thrown in the special bins in the parking lot;

Children must be accompanied by their parents and remain with them for the entire period of stay at the courses;
Attendees, not interested in archery, will be able to access the course only in the presence of other archers who will be responsible for it;
Anyone who does not comply with the regulations may be banned from using the routes for a period decided by the Management;
The Archer must always notify the Management to access the course and when finished, if there are no other special agreements;
The routes are open from Monday to Sunday from 8.30 until sunset
At the driving range consisting of shapes and butts located at 10 – 20 – 30 – 40mt and only allowed to shoot with loading from below or in line with the ground – loading from above is absolutely forbidden as well as on the courses.
The recovery of the arrows is self-managed by the archers, with common sense and waiting for the shooting of the arrows by the Archer who surely, on his side and always with common sense, will hurry to conclude.
It is strictly forbidden to cross the shots, since it is possible to move on the firing line to have the target from the front.
In the event of damage found on the file, it is necessary to promptly notify the Management.

Remember that other archers will arrive after you who will have to see everything in order as you found it!
We thank you and wish you good arrows!

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